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TRIBUTE GIFT – Honour someone special

Do you have someone special in your life (family member, friend, colleague …) whom you would like to honour?  It can be someone who helped you through your cancer, or who is fighting their battle right now. Perhaps someone who is no longer with us or it can be a somebody who simply is amazing in your life.

Making a TRIBUTE GIFT is a wonderful way to honour your loved one AND create a lasting legacy.

Each TRIBUTE GIFT is a minimum donation of $250 and we will add you or your loved one’s name on a commemorative plaque in our GARDEN OF INSPIRATION at the NEW West Island Cancer Wellness Centre in Kirkland.

We have decided to create a stepping stone path to the front door and through to the GARDEN of INSPIRATION. Along that path, we will add words of hope and encouragement. As you can imagine, walking up the stairs to the centre for the first time can be ridden with fear, uncertainty, and apprehension. This path and garden will be a place where people living with cancer are surrounded by words that offer comfort, peace and serenity.

MAKE A TRIBUTE GIFT TODAY and help make a difference in the lives of those living with cancer.

Note: *If you would like to honour more than one person, please call the centre 514 695-9355
**For significant donations (such as a room sponsorship), contact Debbie Magwood. debbie@wicwc.org or the number above.