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Join us!!! Evenings of Inspiration Workshops – OPEN TO ANYONE IN THE COMMUNITY

Evenings from October 6th – December 7th from 7 pm – 9 pm at the WICWC (115 rue Du Barry, Kirkland H9H 0C4).

100% of the proceeds go back to our centre
(Please note that while the workshop is in English the Q & A at the end will be bilingual. Therefore we could exceed the 9.00 p.m. finish time.)
For more information contact: Terry at

Law of Attraction

To change your life you MUST change your beliefs of REALITY!

We hear a lot of buzz about the Law of Attraction and attracting what we want; that we are in control of manifesting abundance. But the big question is HOW do we do that?? How does it really work, and how can we affect it? At times we feel like we are doing everything we can to attract in the things that we want but it doesn’t always seem to work. Why? I’ll help dispel the unknown by peeking behind the curtain. I’ll walk you through the steps of what it takes to attract what you desire so you can get the law of attraction working for you, and not what appears to be ‘against’ you!

Date: Thursday, December 7
Time: 7 pm – 9 pm
Contribution: $25
Speaker: Sherry Nash – Click here for website