A national day of giving back.



 Thank you to all those who donated, we greatly appreciate your support! See below for the amazing stories of our participants.

Giuseppina pictured with her grandson

 Giuseppina’s Story


During the period following her diagnosis, Giuseppina felt that even the loving support from her family was not enough to allow her to cope. She felt overwhelmed. Like countless others diagnosed with cancer, Giuseppina was scared. She suffered and her family suffered. She came to accept that she needed more help and when she discovered the support and services offered by the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre, it quickly became an integral part of her support system. She found the missing ingredient that returned the sense of peace she was yearning for.


Giuseppina describes the WICWC as a sanctuary – a safe place that caters to people with the utmost sensitivity. “It is a space that slowly and gently helps bring back a sense of being. All the volunteers and staff interact with the patients with compassion and instinctively know how to speak with tenderness and care.” Giuseppina believes that anyone going through treatment and living with cancer should consider reaching out to the Center for help. Even if it means pushing through barriers like a lack of stamina, low energy, motivation, fear or even desire.

When asked what she would say to convince a potential donor, Giuseppina described that giving to the WICWC means that your generosity is truly serving people in need. It funds the big yellow house that was built by and continues to operate thanks to a growing network of caring donors, including many of whom themselves have benefitted from the hundreds of hours of free monthly programming and services.


There are so many foundations one can donate to, always trusting and hoping that our donations make a difference. By donating to the WICWC, you are making a world of difference for people whose lives have been turned upside-down and struggling to go on.

 Francesco’s Story


Before discovering the WICWC, Francesco felt desperate, lonely, and afraid. Francesco is a cancer patient who, following his diagnosis, realized he needed more help and support. He learned of the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre through the Montreal General Hospital and has since become an active participant. According to Francesco, “The personnel are compassionate, kind, and very present to my needs.”


Francesco feels that the WICWC has been the ONLY resource that has allowed him to return to a sense of normalcy in life. The group physical exercise classes, nutritional cooking lessons and private counselling sessions have allowed him to feel that his wellness needs are truly being met. Our professional volunteers have structured some classes to be more identifiable to men, who often feel more inhibited to reach out and ask for help.

Francesco says that he cannot imagine what his journey would have been like without the WICWC and that the staff and volunteers played an important role in his journey. “The Centre gives me a place to go to feel better, a place where patients feel accepted and not judged. Your donation is very well spent at the WICWC as you will help people who are really in need.”


By giving to the WICWC, you allow us to continue supporting cancer patients like Francesco with our free programs and services.


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