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We root, we leaf         Author: Rachel Devins

The book is a collection of poems, essays and emails written by Rachel, a former participant of the Centre, that her friends and family have put together in her memory.

A Little Book About Cancer

A Little Book About Cancer is designed to help children who are experiencing cancer – through a parent, grandparent or other family member – deal with the hard times. This workbook is a tool adults can use to open dialogue about the difficult topics of cancer in an interactive and creative way.

Call (514) 695-9355 or email info@wicwc.org for your free copy. OR For a donation of $5.00, a copy can be mailed to you.

Recipes for well-being

Guide to healthy living during chemotherapy

Created and designed by Sylvie Morel

Call (514) 695-9355 or email info@wicwc.org for your free copy. OR For a donation of $5.00, a copy can be mailed to you.



The Joy of Life: Now What?
by Olga Munari | Aug 14 2020

The Joy of Cancer: A Journey of Self-Discovery
by Olga Munari | Dec 17 2020

The Joy of Healing: Overcome Victimhood. End Denial. Live Life.
by Olga Munari| Apr 22 2021

The Joy of Healing: Through Journaling
by Olga Munari | Dec 24 2021

For every book sold $10 will be redirected to the Centre.

Food Synergies At Work ($30 pick up at Centre) or ($40 includes shipping)

Author: Nevine Elchibini

Powerful Food Combinations for Better Health

You will learn how to combine foods to access more of their healing powers.

For every ebook sold 80% of the price will be redirected to the Centre.

Reincarnation After Cancer: My Journey with Qigong and Conventional Medicine   

Author: Dr. Etana Rossin

The author tells the story of her personal journey with cancer, Qigong, and conventional medicine — from diagnosis to cure. She writes with the hope that love, mercy, and empathy will accompany the journey of each patient.

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