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By making a purchase, YOU will be contributing to the Centre’s mission to empower people who are experiencing cancer by providing them with compassionate support and comprehensive information for mind, body, and spirit.

IN ADDITION, you will also help in promoting the Centre in the community. So, fill that bag with your lunch, or take that yoga mat to your class. Whatever you purchase, YOU are making a difference!

Thank you!


WICWC branded items

Great for lists, journaling, note-taking… Easy to take with you wherever you go!

5 in x 7 in * 12.5 cm x 18 cm * lined

$8 each (only one color)

WICWC branded item

Take this bag wherever you go! Great for lunches, books, crafts and so much more…

9.5 in x 11.5 in x 4.5 in * 25 cm x 29.5 cm 11 cm

$5 each (only one color)

WICWC branded item

Work out in style! Convenient to bring to your workout class or to use in the comfort of your own home.

$25 each (only one color)


Tumbled stones are not only an excellent learning and discovery tool, they are also ideal for use in meditation and healing practices. Try displaying a book with stone information next to the display for boosted sales. An alternate “Healing Stones” header card is included to suit the product mix in your store.

If there is a specific stone that you would like in the order please note it in your order.

$10 per bag of 5 gems


Keep your family or friends cozy all year long with this Urban Comfort Poncho with front pocket. Choose the look you want by adding a note to your order.

80 in x 55 in * 203 cm x 140 cm

$20 each

WICWC branded item – VERY UNIQUE

Perfect for snuggling up on the couch with a good book or your favorite television show.

If there is a specific color that you would like, please note it in your order.

100% polyester * 50 in x 60 in * 127 cm x 152 cm

$15 each (assorted colors)


These Jasper Worry Stones are smooth, polished gemstones, the shape of an oval with a thumb-sized indentation, used for relaxation or anxiety relief. … This action of moving one’s thumb back and forth across the stone is thought to reduce stress.

$5 each

HAND MADE – Only one of its kind

Breast Cancer blanket – super cozy

72 in x 48 in * 182 cm x 121.92 cm


WICWC branded items with activities book.

Packaged as a gift for any occasion.

Notebook = 5 in x 7 in * 12.5 cm x 18 cm * lined / Bag = 9.5 in x 11.5 in x 4.5 in * 25 cm x 29.5 cm 11 cm

$15 each

WICWC branded items

In Package = Yoga mat, water bottle, and comfy thick socks

Packaged as a gift for any occasion

$40 each

WICWC branded items and goodies

In Package = Blanket, water bottle, comfy thick socks, activities book, notebook

Packaged as a gift for any occasion

$40 each

We root, we leaf         Author: Rachel Devins

The book is a collection of poems, essays and emails written by Rachel, a former participant of the Centre, that her friends and family have put together in her memory.

A Little Book About Cancer

A Little Book About Cancer is designed to help children who are experiencing cancer – through a parent, grandparent or other family member – deal with the hard times. Cancer can be confusing and scary for children. This workbook is a tool adults can use to open dialogue about the difficult topics of cancer in an interactive and creative way.

Call (514) 695-9355 or email info@wicwc.org for your free copy. OR For a donation of $5.00, a copy can be mailed to you.

For every book sold $10 will be redirected to the Centre.

Food Synergies At Work ($30 pick up at Centre) or ($40 includes shipping)

Author: Nevine Elchibini

Powerful Food Combinations for Better Health

You will learn how to combine foods to access more of their healing powers. A valuable addition to your health toolkit, it provides a fresh perspective on foods that work better together and simplifies the promising science behind it.

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IMPORTANT: Orders must be picked up Tuesdays to Fridays between 8:30 am & 4 pm at the Centre’s location. Shipping is not available at this time.
Address: 115 Rue Du Barry, Kirkland, QC H9H 0C4

Contact: Maggie Costa at maggie@wicwc.org for more information.