Our Programs and Services

Each month our centre offers over 900 hours of FREE programs and services to people experiencing cancer – either having it themselves or supporting someone with cancer.

Supporting and complementing traditional medical practices, the WICWC provides a whole-person integrated approach to cancer care.  When traditional medical professionals treat cancer, the focus is the cancer, the tumor and the malignant group of cells that have invaded the body. However, cancer takes a toll that extends far beyond damaged tissue. A whole-person integrated approach to wellness goes beyond treating just the cancer.  It addresses the emotional, physical and spiritual challenges that come with a diagnosis.

Some of the programs and services we offer: Acupressure – Reiki & Therapeutic Touch – Workshops & Information Sessions – Support Groups – Nutritional Cooking – Private Counseling – Reflexology & Massage Therapy – Caregiver Support – QiGong/Tai Chi – Yoga/Meditation/Pilates – Creative Journaling – Arts.

We are always adding new programs. Please visit the calendar regularly.


Monthly Calendar

All of our programs and services are created to support the mind, the body and the spirit. To learn more about our programs, please check our Monthly Calendar.

Monthly Calendar