Charles Cottle

Genevieve DeBroux

Hans Christopher Digdigan

Fredilyn Cantos-Comia

Dan Michael Kowal

Joyce Talbot

Liborio Morello

Catherine Roozmon

Oxana Podoprigora

Robert Tan

Susan Caluori

Hans-Karl Mühlegg

Everdina Nymark

Karen Parsons-Dion

Alexander Kozel

Michael Troyer

France Charbonneau

Giovanni Bellizzi

Vishwanat Urva 

Pamela Simpson

Andre Ladouceur

Catherine Killen

Marie Dallaire

Louis Rheaume

Josée Tremblay

Kevin Fitzgibbon

Jacqueline Simard

Scott Szeremta

Jean-Pierre Ally

Kim Robertson

Pamela Deans-Armitage

Frances Zandrew-Stejskal

Linda Sarantos

Sheree Itscovitch

Estelle Rabinovitch

Herve Benoit

Richard Muscant

Edward King

Dennis Poliseno

A gift in memory of a loved one or friend who has passed away is a beautiful way to remember them.

It can make a real difference in the lives of people currently living with cancer.