Anyone who is experiencing cancer between diagnosis and one year post-treatment (all ages, all types of cancer) is welcome to become a WICWC participant FREE of Charge. Both the person who has cancer and a loved one or active caregiver are also welcome to register as a participant of the centre and take part in our programs/services.

Through our wellness programs, participants will receive personal support, gain coping mechanisms, discover additional alternatives, and become better educated about their specific illness. We will help them gain more control of their lives, find strength, reduce feelings of isolation, and continue to foster hope, regardless of the stage of their disease. They become empowered, active participants in the management of their health and well-being.


The first step is to call the Centre (514 695-9355) and book an appointment to register with us.

There are two ways to register, to come to the WICWC  in person
or to register Virtually (We encourage you to also register a loved one)

At your first appointment, you will meet with a Wellness Guide who will explain the WICWC to you and then ask you to fill in a few forms. This may take approximately 45min to 1hour.

Following this first visit, and once the medical authorization is received, the Participant Care Coordinator will review your health and medical history with the goal of helping you find the best programs and services to meet your needs. You can print and have your doctor fill out your medical authorization form before your first visit.

Call now and we will be glad to help!