Lisa was always grateful to everyone at the Centre who helped her live well with cancer.  When she passed away, we learned that she left the Centre a gift in her WILL and another from her retirement fund. She understood the importance of cancer wellness and wanted to ensure its continued access for anyone living with cancer.

A bequest gift in your will is a way to leave a legacy of cancer wellness and has the following benefits:

  • We will issue a tax receipt to the estate for the full value of your will bequest. This will reduce the amount of taxes payable on your final return.

  • The bequest can be changed or revoked at any time.

  • HOW TO DONATE: Simply download the attached form and bring it to your notary to request that a gift in the amount of your choice be given to the WICWC.


By donating a life insurance policy to the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre, you can help to secure the future of cancer wellness programs. The advantages of supporting the Centre this way include:

  • You can make an important gift in the future for a comparatively small premium.

  • Depending on how you donate your life insurance, you can enjoy tax benefits in your lifetime or on your estate.

HOW TO DONATE: Download the attached form and speak to your notary or insurance broker about how to make a donation of life insurance to the Centre.


Donating stocks and bonds is an effective way to support the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre. The advantages include:

  • Stocks and bonds can be transferred easily. Simply download and bring the attached form to your bank and follow the instructions.

  • Can be included in your Will or given at any time.

  • Taxable capital gains are eliminated when you donate stocks and bonds.

  • You or your estate will receive a tax receipt for the full amount.

For more information contact:  Debbie@wicwc.org.

“We decided to donate stock instead of making a cash donation to the WICWC because of the benefits. We avoided paying taxes on the capital gains, and got a higher tax receipt.  It made sense for us to support the WICWC this way.”


By contributing to the Cancer Wellness Sustainability Fund you can provide support for those living with cancer, until there is a cure.

Your one-time gift can be pledged over many years or can be done through a gift in your Will or Donation of Stocks, etc.  It provides the essential funds needed to improve the quality of life of those living with cancer, for now and for the future.

A minimum of $25,000 is required to set up a Cancer Wellness Sustainability Fund.


  • Your name will be associated with the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre’s mission to empower people experiencing cancer by providing them with compassionate support and comprehensive information for mind, body and spirit.

  • Your Cancer Wellness Sustainability Fund is your investment in the future of cancer care.

  • Your gift keeps giving, year-after-year, well into the future.

  • Your contribution to the Cancer Wellness Sustainability Fund is eligible for an official donation tax receipt.

  • You’ll receive a report each year on the project you’ve helped fund.


  • The Cancer Wellness Sustainability Fund will be professionally managed by a well-established wealth management firm with a proven history of value creation over time.

  • At the discretion of the Board of Directors, a percentage of the Fund will be allocated to the operations on an annual basis.

For more information:  Debbie@wicwc.org

“When I was younger, I focused on the now, but with maturity came the knowledge that we need to focus on the future as well. My donation to the Cancer Wellness Sustainability Fund will support cancer wellness for years.”