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Dive into the inspiring stories of resilience and strength at the WICWC. Read the stories below, ignite hope, and join the movement. Your donation will be QUADRUPLED, thanks to our generous donors—now more than ever is the time to contribute! 

 Elaina’s Story


Meet Elaina, a resilient 25-year-old cancer patient at the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre. After her double mastectomy, she found solace in a community that became her lifeline during a challenging journey. “Being a young adult with cancer is like feeling your life is on pause, you see your peers working, graduating school, making money while you navigate treatments and surgeries.” Elaina reflects. “But the Center provided me an escape—a chance to learn, meet people who understand, and find motivation in a time that was really gray and scary, it really helped me feel validated in my whirlwind of emotions.”


The WICWC, more than a place, is a sanctuary where judgment is absent. “Without the Center, finding intrinsic motivation would have been really difficult,” Elaina shares. “Being a part of it allowed me to focus on myself, my wellness, and my mindfulness.”

In the midst of uncertainty, the Centre gave Elaina an opportunity to learn new skills, creating a vibrant hub where shared experiences forged connections. “There’s something special about being able to make jokes about our situation with others who know how important it is to laugh about everything that’s going on,” Elaina expresses, highlighting the community’s unique bond.


Your donations sustain the WICWC, ensuring it remains a haven for individuals like Elaina. Join us this Giving Tuesday to support a community that provides not just help but also opportunities for growth, connection, and shared joy amid the challenges of cancer.

 Libby’s Story


Since 2017, the WICWC has been Libby’s sanctuary—a place where she feels welcomed, understood, and empowered. Reflecting on the supportive environment, she describes WICWC as an “oasis of calm, peace, healing, and love.” Amidst the challenges of Metastatic Cancer, the WICWC became Libby’s anchor. “After being diagnosed in December 2019, right at the beginning of COVID-19, I sort of shut down,” Libby shares. However, she discovered courage and connection through our programs. Emphasizing its significance, she states, “I would be lost without WICWC. It means I have a place where I feel heard, understood, and safe.”


The WICWC provided Libby with a lifeline— the understanding of fellow participants who share in the trials of living with cancer, alongside dedicated staff. “Being able to share with others on the same journey brings you hope, empowers you to move forward,” she passionately expresses. Libby’s plea for support echoes in every word, urging others to contribute to the WICWC’s cause. “It’s not just about sustaining an organization; it’s about sustaining hope, courage, and the power to live each day with gratitude, faith, and love” she explained.

Libby pictured with her granddaughter

Reflecting on her experience, Libby emphasizes, “I would be lost without WICWC. Finding out you have cancer is terrifying and can be paralyzing.” By donating to the WICWC, you are supporting cancer patients like Libby and becoming a part of the journey toward healing and empowerment. Your contribution allows the WICWC to continue its valuable support, education, and healing to countless individuals and families in need.


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