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Do you communicate with the medical doctors?

Doctors are often the ones who refer participants to the Centre (although a referral is not required). During registration you’ll be given a medical authorization form to present to your doctor. This form lets your medical team know you’re participating in our programs and provides the WICWC with pertinent medical information. If your health status changes after you’ve completed this form, it’s your responsibility as a participant to make sure we receive a revised medical form.  

Can I bring a friend or family member with me to use your programs and services?

Yes! When you register, you can register with a caregiver (e.g. spouse, child, parent, friend). We do have support programs offered to caregivers. Anyone living with cancer (non-caregiver) or their caregiver is eligible between the time of diagnosis and one year post treatment. Note: In the unfortunate situation of a death of a non-caregiver (cancer participant), regrettably caregivers can no longer benefit from our programs & services. However, we will refer you to some excellent resources in the community to support you and should you wish to continue using the services of our professionals outside of the centre, you can find all of their coordinates here.

How do I start using WICWC programs and services?

We ask you to register with us as a participant. Simply call us (514 695-9355) for an appointment to meet with a Wellness Guide who will talk to you about your needs and the Centre, and who will follow up with you periodically.  As soon as your file is finalized and all the information needed is complete, you can begin using our services.  

Where can I find the Programs & Services and how do I register?

This link takes you to our Programming Calendar otherwise you can get there from our Programs & Services section of our website.  It is updated every 2 weeks and you will receive an email from us with those updates as well as the dates and times for you to register.  Registration takes place every two weeks. You select what you wish to attend and then call us at 514 695-9355 to sign up for your choices.

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