(this section is for all types of volunteering and not program specific)


    General Volunteer Options

    (Please select a maximum of 2 options that best suit you):

    Personal Skills and Qualifications
    (Please indicate only those skills you are proficient in)

    Office, administrative supportReceptionist (must be bilingual)Community Awareness (help at events)Be part of an Event CommitteeWellness guide (registering our participants - must have empathy, strong listening skills)Translation (English to French)Graphic design


    As a volunteer with WICWC, we would expect you to be comfortable with and adhere to our core values as part of your role in representing WICWC and the people we serve.

    WICWC promotes wellness and the following core values: Respect for people of all ages, races, cultures, and sexual preferences. We are completely non-judgemental and we are a team.

    Please let us know you're human.