Please note that this list is not exhaustive. For more resources please contact the West Island Cancer Wellness Center (514) 695-9355.

Resources for caregivers of someone who has cancer:

  • West Island Cancer Wellness Center:
      • The Center offers services free of charge to people experiencing cancer – either having it themselves or supporting someone with cancer. Some of the programs and services offered include acupressure, reiki, support groups, nutritional cooking, private counseling, massage therapy, yoga, meditation and many more.


  • Cancer Care:
    • Free online support groups led by an oncology social worker. They have a variety of support groups for caregivers. They also have a 12-week telephone support group for caregivers.



  • Hope and Cope:
    • Hope and cope offers a variety of support groups and wellness workshops on subjects including exercise, nutrition, stress-reduction and creative arts. These services are open to people affected by cancer and their caregivers.
  • Cancer: A Guide for Caregivers:
    Click HERE to download.