Zooming into Wellness for Kids
Live webcasts (via Zoom) for kids (5-12 years)
Every second Tuesday at 11:30
Information/Registration by email:  wicwc@wicwc.org

“Zooming into Wellness for Kids” is a fun, interactive series of on-line classes for children (5-12 years) with a loved one living with cancer (parent, grandparent, sibling, etc.).

Each week the teen hosts interview a wellness professional (cook, fitness instructor, author, painter, etc.). They then do a fun activity with the kids to teach them more about their field of wellness. Children learn to better understand cancer and how cancer wellness helps their loved one.

Tuesday, August 4th / 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Guest: Jasmine Ellemo, Yoga Instructor

HEY KIDS! What do downward facing dog pose, tree pose & cobra pose all have in common?

…They come from the practice of yoga!

Founder of Jasmine Rose Yoga, Jasmine continues to pursue her studies as a student of the body. Her passions include wellness, tennis, windsurfing, cross-country skiing, gardening, music, cooking and walking her dog in the woods. Jasmine is very excited to invite kids to join them as she shares her passion for yoga and explains why it’s important!

Come meet one of our favorite yogis who will talk to us about the practice of yoga and then try some of these poses in a class together!

A passion for sports & fitness!
Tuesday, July 21st / 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Guests: Mark & Patrik Abdelnour, Kinesiologists

Mark and Patrik Abdelnour, Kinesiologists, have been passionate about sports and fitness from a young age. These two grew up playing many sports, such as hockey, tennis, golf and skiing, and later on developed an interest in health sciences.

Mark and Patrik decided to study kinesiology, which focuses on the sciences associated with exercise – whether it be the anatomy of the body, nutrition, exercise psychology, etc. Well on their way to becoming Sports Medicine Physicians, Mark and Patrik are very excited to share their passion for sports and fitness with all of you!

Join us on Tuesday for a great conversation about kinesiology, followed by a fun exercise workshop!

Tuesday, July 7th / 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Guest: Giovanna Daniele & Debbie White

Our next topic in this series for kids (5-12 yrs old!) will be Discovering reflexology & acupressure, with special guests Giovanna Daniele & Debbie White.

Our young host will ask these wellness professionals some questions so kids can learn about these 2 therapies before proceeding to a mini-workshops together.

We hope to see you on Tuesday!

Tuesday, June 23rd / 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Guest:  Linda Liu, Art Educator

For the next session of Zooming into Wellness for Kids, our young hosts (teens) will interview an Linda, who is an Art Educator, followed by a craft making class! The session will be bilingual.

The kids can ask any question they wish to the art educator or to the teenage hosts.

Curious about what you will be making? You can watch this video for a clue!

We are looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

Tuesday, June 9th / 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Guest:  Hana Swieca, Founder and Director, Kids MPowered

Kids who feel empowered our happy kids! Our young hosts speak with Hana Swieca of Kidz MPowered about the tools children can learn to enhance their emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Hanna will then lead the children in a mini-workshop. To register a child send email to:  wicwc@wicwc.org.

Hana Swieca, B.A., founder and director of Kidz Mpowered, is a holistic empowerment coach and author. She offers various unique empowerment workshops for children of all ages at her center and school settings. She also works in private practice offering holistic empowerment coaching for children, teens and adults. Hana has extensive training and 26 years of experience in working with issues such as low self esteem, bullying, fears, anger, social skills, stress, anxiety, depression and life transitions. She has worked with children and teens in Youth Protection and Family Services for over 14 years. Hana is the author of the children’s book Jonathan’s Magical Discoveries and its companion workbook /activity book, Discovering Me. She teaches an 8 week Empowerment program called Discovering Me for ages 6-12 which is based on her books.

Tuesday, May 26th / 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Guest:  Robin Glance, Dietitian

Our next Zooming into Wellness for Kids session will have our young hosts (teens) interview Robin Glance, dietitian!

Robin Glance is a registered dietitian with over seven years clinical experience at the MUHC.  She has recently started working in private practice in order to take a more preventative approach to health.  She has appeared on CJAD, CBC & Global News and CBC Living Montreal as a nutritional specialist.

The kids can ask any question they wish to Robin or to the teenage hosts.

We hope to see you on Tuesday!

Tuesday, May 19th / 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Guest:  Susan Murphy, Art Teacher

For this session, our young hosts (teens) will interview Susan Murphy, who is an Art Teacher, followed by a fun Doodle Picture workshop! The session will be bilingual.

For this class, you will need the following supplies – something to doodle on & with:

      • paints, blank canvas & brushes OR
      • white cardboard with colored pencils or markers OR
      • white paper with colored pencils or markers

The kids can ask any question they wish to Susan or to the teenage hosts!

Tuesday, May 12th / 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Guest:  Véronique Sévigny-Leclerc, Dance Teacher

This week, our young hosts (teens) will interview Véronique, a Hip Hop dance teacher, followed by a dance class.

Véronique Sévigny-Leclerc, is the co-owner and one of the Hip Hop Dance Teachers at Imperium Dance Studio in Dorval

Together they will learn about the importance of moving our wonderful human machines in order to keep it healthy, that dancing also builds our memory muscle and that it can be an outlet for expressing emotions and creativity.  It’s a full mind, body & spirit experience! The session will be bilingual.

Sending wellness & looking forward to seeing so many wonderful smiling faces!

Tuesday, May 5th / 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Guest:  Kasia Whitelaw, Author

This week’s topic will be an interview with the author & creator of “A Little Book About Cancer”.  After a short interview with the author & creator of this book, there will be some activities done together. As well, your children will most likely want to use some coloring pencils.

Kasia Whitelaw, Author, is passionate about helping others! She created this book as a way to help out all of the children who have a loved one battling cancer, as she can relate to them. Kasia’s mother is now cured but had been diagnosed with cancer for the second time when Kasia was only 6 years old.

We have copies of the entire book available in both languages & free of charge at the Center.  Please let us know if you wanted a/some copies.

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